Term of application: 31st of August, 2020

Term of application for all the Music Therapy activities: 10th of September, 2020

Communicating the results: September 2nd, 2020

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Violin Masterclass with Rebecca Chan (13th - 19th September)Viola Masterclass with Alexandru Mihai Bota (13th - 19th September)Cello Masterclass with Valentin Răduțiu (13th - 19th September)Piano Masterclass with Per Rundberg (13th - 19th September)Violin Masterclass with Vlad Popescu (13th - 27th September)Clarinet Masterclass with Tomaz Mocilnik (19th - 27th September)Flute Masterclass with Marko Zupan (19th - 27th September)Horn Masterclass with Andrej Zust (19th -26th September)Oboe Masterclass with Barbara Stegemann (19th -26th September)Chamber Music Masterclass

Music Therapy Conference - Emotional communication with children and teenagers - with Angelica Postu (14th of September)Music Therapy Workshop for special psychopedagogy with Angelica Postu (15th - 18th September)Emotional management and scenic presence workshop with Angelica Postu (13th - 20th September)Counseling sessions for parents with children with special needs with Angelica Postu (13th September, 19th September)

Individual masterclasses:

Registration fee (per person/festival): 150 €, a non- refundable fee that is required after receiving the confirmation that you have been selected.

The participants will receive 3 individual sessions with the selected professor, accompaniment sessions, a free workshop on emotional management, and scenic presence with Angelica Postu, and the opportunity to perform in at least 1 concert.

At the violin masterclass held by Vlad Popescu young musicians, age between 9-18 years old, are welcome.

Chamber music masterclasses:

The registration fee for chamber music ensembles: 50 €/ person.
We encourage the participation of chamber music ensembles, due to the multiple opportunities to perform in open-air concerts.

The organizer will appoint the ensemble's teacher for the chamber music masterclass, and select the concert repertoire together with the ensemble.

For individual class and chamber music class, the participation fee is 200 €/person.

Music Therapy events:

The participation at the Music Therapy Conference is free of charge.

The registration fee for the Music Therapy Workshop for special psychopedagogy with Angelica Postu is 150 €/person.

The attendance at the counseling sessions for parents is free of charge. Registration is mandatory.


Mandatory coronavirus testing is required before attending the festival. The presentation of the certificate obtained within the last 72 hours which shows they are Covid-19 free is required.

The festival does not cover transportation, accommodation, or meal costs.

For the Music Therapy Masterclass, both the repertoire and video upload are not required.